iOS App always sends basic authorization header to WebView URLs

I have updated my grafana from 5.x to 7.1.1 and all my charts in the Sitemap on the iOS OpenHab app did not work anymore but just showed a {“message”: “Invalid username or password”}
If I open the basic UI in a browser instead of the App everything works fine.

After testing the WebView with a “” URL it turned out that the iOS App always sends a “authorization”: Basic header.

Any idea how to prevent this? One option would be to explicitly add a username/password to all the grafana URLs in my sitemap.


How did you do the update from 5.x to 7.1.1 ?
What is the content of /etc/grafana/grafana.ini ?

For reference see

I run grafana in a docker container and simply updated the image. The grafana.ini file is not used at all but I specify the following environment variables in the docker-compose file:


The interesting thing is that if I access the openhab basic_ui in the browser everything works fine and only when using the ios app I get the error message. The problem seems to be that the ios app is always sending the basic auth header even if no username/password is specified.

I think you need to open a ticket then at