iOS App does not show image entries in sitemap

Hi there,

i have the following entry in my sitemap for showing the live view of my surveillance cam:

Image label="IP Cam" url="http://user:pass@" icon="surveillance"

The live view is shown in the Classic UI (with Safari on the iPhone) but not with the native openHAB iOS app.

Is there any workaround?

the only workaround I’ve found it to setup the camera to serve jpg images and then use the image url widget in the sitemap, set to refresh every 250ms. This works some of the time; other times the image is vertically compressed or not displayed at all, and I have to manually refresh the app. Not ideal, but I’m hoping openhab 2 fixes this

I have to check if my cams can provide a static JPG image.

But generally the code posted in my first post works in your iOS app with a refreshing JPG instead of a MJPG stream?

I think so. I use:

Image url="http://name:password@" refresh=250

Hello everybody,

is there already a solution?
If I use image in the sitemap, they are not displayed in the native app.
The images are displayed in the browser in the Basic UI.

no, unfortunately the image widget in the ios app is v buggy. Some images it doesn’t display at all. Others it usually displays, except when it decides to distort them vertically or not show at all…

It think this is because it uses raw-data, maybe if the file was stored as a jpeg, then loaded like a jpeg, it’d be good ?

Image url=“http://name:password@” refresh=250

I am using also refresh but with it set to 1000 but the image is not updating every 1 second then it is updating every 30 seconds. What can I do to fix it ?

You can’t until the bug in the iOS app is fixed. My workaround has been to stop using the iOS app and use mobile safari instead, with a shortcut saved to the home screen so it behaves like an app, and with nginx and a client-side certificate on the iphone, so safari doesn’t demand a password each time.