iOS app doesn't work remotely any more

I have an issue which prevents me using OpenHAB iPhone app remotely.

Used to work fine, until a week or two ago (maybe when I updated to latest version?)

The problem:

  • App says “Connecting to remote URL” at the bottom, that disappears, but is not replaced by the red error
  • Instead the app shows a blank screen. If I pull down, it shows the little loading icon with no animation (hung)


  • Restarted app from iOS task manager many times
  • Access from inside network is okay
  • I’ve checked firewall rules and turned on router logging, I can see from the firewall the app is connecting
  • It’s forwarding requests to the correct IP
  • I checked my Windows firewall rules for OpenHAB server. All okay - nothing changed since it worked
  • I have turned off IPv6 firewall, and disabled IPv6 on network adapter of server, for testing
  • I have tested connecting by telnet from a remote machine on the relevant port (my OpenHAB SSL port), and it connects okay
  • I turned off “ignore SSL certificates” to see if it would give me the popup message to accept the certificate. It did give this message, indicating it is attempting to connect okay
  • I have cleared the iOS app cache
  • In iOS app settings > Select Sitemap, my “main” sitemap is shown, when I’m using it remotely

So basically it’s connecting okay from remotely, but displaying a blank screen. Works fine from inside network.

Any ideas?

Same problem here :wink:

I entered my local ip too, so I can use the app now.

For some unknown reason, I noticed this is once again working.

Very strange considering I really went a long way to trying to resolve the issue.

There was an outage at the around that time and it came back on in 3hrs or so. Glad your’s is working, my remote access completely stopped working after that.
Update: I see you had this problem long ago. Ignore this post.

Same here connecting to my home remotely or locally. It gets hung up some how as my OH ios ipad client is working fine. Had happened a few times now and this time still hasnt come back after a week.

Fixed it, sorta. Just deleted the app and reinstalled and everything perfect again. :slight_smile: