iOS app functional for OH3?

Hi, I have created all of my equipment and pages etc. in the OH3 settings dashboard, and by going to the PI IP address on port 8080 I can see and control everything just fine.

The problem is that my iOS app says openhab has returned an empty list. If I go into settings to select sitemap, that’s also blank, and in the info tab, it’s showing blank for openhab version, etc. Does the iOS app not yet work for OH3? I didn’t see anything else in the migration instructions for having to do anything on the app side.


The iOS App still uses the Basic UI Sitemaps, I believe. You can configure that too or use the browser and put a shortcut on your home screen. The Main UI is supposed to be mobile friendly.

I’m having trouble creating any Basic sitemaps also, previously I used Paper UI for everything, which of course is not part of OH3. On the web version, and mobile, even the demo sitemap is missing for me, and I can’t seem to create anything new. Is there someway to “reset” the BasicUI so that it just builds from all of the things I have installed?

The Main UI does work for mobile, but only in landscape mode, and I much prefer to keep in portrait for day to day use (in portrait it just squeezes all the icons together so they’re on top of each other and can’t be used). Also for whatever reason, there is a delay on loading the mobile browser version that the app didn’t have when running OH2.5. Lastly, if you have a dimmer or other slider on the mobile and press to drag, it often starts to highlight the screen instead of working.

You can create a sitemap in OH3 from Settings-> Pages ->+(lower right).

I assume you know how to get to the Basic UI ? From the Overview page, in the upper right

Then click the Basic UI.

So this let’s me create a sitemap just fine, but then when you click on the Basic UI it always just says there is no sitemaps created. There must be some config setting that’s wrong?

Hmmm I had it working in an earlier snapshot but I forget what all I did. I remember somebody else had to show me where to create a sitemap. though.

It must be not pointing to the right index or something. I just uninstalled BasicUI, reinstalled, and restarted OH, and it’s still saying there are no sitemaps despite me having 3 built…