iOS App keeps disconnnecting

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: rpi4
    • OS: openhabian/bullseye
    • Java Runtime Environment: 17
    • openHAB version: 4.0.3
  • Issue of the topic: iOS app keeps disconnecting every few seconds with message x connecting and dismiss button

My iOS app for openhab keeps disconnecting every few seconds. Everything else is working great including myopenhab integration for bindings and remote access. In fact other than the disconnect message the iOS app seems to work with openhab just fine, actions status updates work fine.

On the iOS app my configuration right now is…

Demo mode off
Local URL = (my local instance)
Remote URL = (also tried with same result)
Username/password = my creds for
Always send credentials set to Off

Any tips on getting this stable?

I’m observing the same with the last versions. It didn’t happen a few versions before but unfortunately I cannot tell you when exactly this started :man_shrugging:

And it seems to happen regardless of iOS version, iphone/ipad version either. I see the same behavior from the oh app on all my apple devices.