iOS App not working


I am using openHAB 3.4 and the latest iOS app from the app store, but cannot get the app to connect to my server via Also I cannot really find any useful documentation on the iOS app, and do not really understand how the openHAB connection is supposed to be configured there.

In the apps setting, there is a local URL and a remote URL, but only one username and password. Does that mean I can only use either of the two URLs, and then have to enter either the username/password for my local server or the cloud account?

In any case, I tried also to only enter the myopenhab remote URL with my credentials and the app cannot connect:

Is there anything I am doing wrong or is the connection broken at the moment?

Thanks for the links. But I read the iOS app page already, but it did not answer my question about the username/password.

Regarding conncection broken, maybe I expressed myself wrong, I did not mean that is down, but whether the current app version is compatible with the current server.

Turn off Always Send Credentials

You don’t need them for the local connection, but it is sending them

OK, I think I get it now.

I did not realize that the local access does not need credentials at all. Now I also understand the recommendation from the secure remote access page to never open up the openHAB web interface to the Internet.

Now, with credentials set to the account credentials and “Always Send Credentials” turned off, both local and emote access works for me, thanks for your help!

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I see that this thread is from a few years ago, but I’ll still try to help with your openHAB iOS app issue. It can indeed be frustrating when apps don’t cooperate.
In your situation, it’s strange that the app isn’t connecting when you enter the myopenhab remote URL and credentials. It should work for remote access.
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