iOS Classic UI - Login has to filled in every time

Hi there,

when i login to the Classic UI on my iPhone (using Safari) i have to type in my user and password evey time i open the site. Is there any workaround to get Safari storing my credentials? Security options of openHAB are turned to ON.


Why are you not using the native iOS openHAB app?

Baiscally because the Classic UI is refreshing the item states quite faster and the iOS app does not show the image label entries of my surveillance cams.

There is no way to do it on iOS as far as I was able to tell before I gave up. On Android you can embed the username and password in the URL but iOS forbids this.

I was mainly trying to make REST calls into OH and not run the web app but I think the same restrictions would apply.

So frankly the only solution would be to give my iOS device always the same IP in my home’s WiFi and turn the security in openhab.cfg off for this IP?

If you use EXTERAL as the security type your phone will not need username and password to log in, as long as you are using HTTP. If using HTTPS it will always require a username and password.

Any device not on your LAN will require a username and password all the time. So if you are away from home your phone will need to provide a username and password.

But this is an all or nothing setting. You cannot pick and choose the security setting on a per IP basis. Your choices are ON (username and password are required for all users), OFF (username and password are not required for any user), and EXTERNAL (username and password are required for users who are not on your LAN.

Got it…that said not a really satisfying solution for all Classic UI users on iOS devices. :unamused:

That is one reason why the native apps were written.