iOS Full Screen Browser recommendations


I am using successfully Habpanel since quite a while and I am very happy with it.
Actually I use safari for Habpanel and created a link on my homescreen for faster access. Additionally this means that Habpanel runs in full screen (no address bar or such).

However, safari does not work 100% with habpanel.
The transformed state of the item is noch displayed correctly.
See also:

Now my question:
Does anybody have experience with Habpanel on alternative browsers on iOS which work good with Habpanel for me to try?

Hi @NCO,

i use the mercury browser on my wallet ipad for full function fullscreen. a home button is not possible but is use the mercury browser only for habpanel as startpage.

Hi @gravidigit

Thanks for your recommendation.
Unfortunately I cannot find mercury on the AppStore.
Even the link from the official website doesn’t help:

I guess it’s not available on the German AppStore :frowning:

Even better, someone with access to iOS Safari and knowledge of the debugger could come forward and submit a fix! :slight_smile:


strange, i use the german app store too, but i downloaded the app for 2 years.


yes, that is the best answer. if you all information from us can u fix this problem?

@gravidigit @ysc

never mind.
My original problem is solved (see link in my initial post).
So it’s fine with safari now:
It was my fault, that I forgot, that I used the static link to my cloned habpanel instance in /etc/openhab2/html… (I did this to use other icons).

Anyway, maybe there is another (better) full size browser I could need for my next project (wall mounted tablet)…

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