iOS: No push notification anymore when broadcast message


I was looking for hours for an error in my rule definitions because I didn’t receive any broadcast messages on my mobile anmyore, then l looked up at and saw that the notification has been received by myopenhab.

But my app doesn’t send me push notifications anymore - anyone else have similar problem? (OH 2.5.0-1, iOS 13.3, latest app). What can I do/check to get it going again?


Do you see anything in the logs that may indicate why this is happening? Have you made any changes to OH or this just started on its own?

It just stopped working a while ago, not sure when exactly. Didn’t change anything on OH itself at that time; maybe I installed a new iOS update (Apple was very busy lately with iOS updates ;-)). Now I’ve upgraded to OH 2.5.0-1 and it’s still not working.

The logs don’t show anything - maybe I need to raise some loglevel, but for which component?

Try deleting the device in myopenhab

Hmmm…my new phone isn’t even listed. How can I “register” a new phone to the myopenhab cloud?

Oh, I see:

You currently have no devices registered with openHAB Cloud. To register a new device, download the openHAB app and set as the remote URL and your openHAB Cloud login data as username and password.

Seems like I lost the registration of my phone; working now again.

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