iOS/Safari issues with use of mappings in sitemaps (openhabian R2.5)

I’m using the most recent iOS on my Apple devices and have for a long time now the issues when using sitemaps in the iOS browser (Safari) with BASIC/UI.
I’m using the latest stable openhabian release (2.5). I also had the same issue with r2.4.

Problem statement: When using a mapping in the sitemap like

Switch item=roomlight_color icon="colorpicker" mappings=[0="WEISS", 48="GELB", 97="ORANGE"]

in BASIC/UI I get the corresponding three boxes to choose the color. But when tipping on it with my finger its a real fuzz to get them pressed correctly. It takes at least 5-6 tips to get one chosen. You really have to find the “correct way of tipping” to make it go. Its hard to descibe, but when using the iOS App with this sitemap it works fine. Also a normal ON/OFF switch works fine.

For several reasons (also for some graphics to display correctly) I’d prefer to use the browser view of BASIC/UI instead of the iOS openhab App.

Anyone who had the same problem?
Thanks for any help on this tricky issue.

Unfortunately I received no help on this issue, but finally could solve it with this solution