iOS shortcut app, no connection anymore

since the latest update to OH3.2 and the openhab beta app for iOS my shortcuts doesn’t work anymore.

The beta app works fine, I can see my MainUI and interact with the items. But within the shortcut app I can’t select an item to get or set the state.
My old shortcuts stoppped working too. There is a timeout when I run the shortcuts.

Any idea how to fix this or which setting needs to be adjusted?

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Now I tried it with v2.4.39 of TestFlight app and it still doesn‘t work.

The shortcut app can‘t fetch the items.
Any idea how to fix the timeout?

Same problem is here:

Same to me…

Same here …
running on OH 2.5

Looks like the app needs to be fixed for shortcuts.
Hopefully this will be done within the next release.

I have the same issue with the lastest app. Shortcuts has stopped working. Shortcuts says “there is a problem communicating with the app.” If I go to edit the commands or items, it doesn’t do anything.

Me too, I have the same problem. Any one solved this issue?

A workaround to send command is a shortcut and POST to[ITEMNAME]

You need to encode username and password with base64 in shortcut and then use POST with base64 authentication

messy but works

Obviously you can use GET to read the state of item.

Btw i suggest that you consider managing automations with rules in openhab. Much easier and celaner.

You can use GET and POST via rest api and shortcuts, this is what I do at the moment.
But this is way more „complex“ than using the openhab app in shortcuts.
Hopefully the devs will fix it soon.

Lol. I do have a lot of rules in OH. This one started as my AppleTV power down with “All Off” afterward. I think I was in a hurry one day and added a few more items via shortcuts (it is easy…after all!)


Same Problem……Shortcurs don‘t work with Version 2.4.44

We’re working on it, you can track progress on GitHub.

Same issue here.
This didn’t work for me for over a year, then one day as if by magic it started working. Now it’s broken again. :cry:

It might have been an iPhone update or an openHAB update. Not sure when it broke.

I love this feature. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

This should be fixed in the latest upcoming TestFlight build. Official release is pending review.

EDIT: Sorry, forgot that the TestFlight needs to be reviewed by Apple as well as it has new version number.

I’ve been trying the betas but it still isn’t working for me.
So disappointing. I used this so much when it worked.

Same for me. Still no luck getting my shortcuts to work again.

With the latest TestFlight build 2.4.49 (1580410512) the iOS shortcut function is working for some people, but not for all.
I hope we can find a solution to fix this issue and make the iOS shortcuts working again for everyone.

At the moment I can’t select an openhab item when creating a shortcut.
The openhab App is working fine (local and remote) and my rest api is working too.

Still not working for me either.

Can someone post a checklist of settings that need setting so I know that I’m not missing something simple?