iOS14 Scriptable Widget for openHab?


does anyone know / use already an Scriptable Script for new iOS14-Widgets?
Would be great, if openHab could be used with the new widgets soon.


As far as I’m aware iOS 14 widgets are not interactive (yet?). Which means you can display information and use the widget as a (deep) link into an app.

One explanation see here

Thanks for the link to this article. It wasnt clear to me, that the only allowed function is to link into the specific app.

Now it makes sense tp me, why the “Telekom Widget” first starts the app and then opens the telekom-url.
But maybe this also could be a way for switching openhab items?

If that works for you than Shortcuts might be something for you.
Here is a shortcut I use for checking on which network I’m (i have more than one openHAB installation) and triggering an openHAB switch via API:

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