Hey, I’m wondering if there other interested users to integrate IoTaWatt Open WiFi Electric Power Monitor into openHAB? It has a nice REST-API for accessing current and historical data, which shouldn’t be too difficult to implement in a binding.

More access to fully open systems are always appreciated by this community. IoTaWatt looks like a decent option there.

Nice, I created a pull request to start the IoTaWatt binding and am wondering what you guys think.

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I’ll try to check this out sometime. I have 5 IoTaWatts. I currently use my own little bridge I wrote in Ruby that sends the data to MQTT, but never published. It only supports current values, but one thing I did was synchronize the polling so that values from multiple devices would be consistent and I could do math in openHAB and have reasonable results.

Just brought an Iotawatt online. Loving it so far, and a binding would be wonderful.

Hi @xsnrg, nice to hear. The binding is merged and you’re welcome to give it a try and please let me know if you see any issues.

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It looks like the snapshot is only being built for 4.2.0 currently, and I am still running 4.1.3 here for now. I will keep my eyes open when 4.2 goes gold. May try building it from source if I have time.