IP Cam with Two-Way Audio

I am new to OpenHab, and have setup a simple notification using the Fortrezz Mimolite to the OpenHab app (woot!). What I want to have happen is when the notification goes off, it can then open a page that shows my Amcrest IP3M-941 camera, and allows you to hear the audio, as well as talk back.
In essence, I am trying to create my own ring doorbell. I found some URL’s and I see how I can create a sitemap to view the camera stream, but I want to be able to talk back as well, which only seems possible with RTSP or ONVIF.
I did a good amount of research, but have come up with nothing. Any help here?

I don’t think this can be done directly in OH. You will have to have something else that implements this and use a Webview to show that on your sitemap.

There was talk about someone trying to implement something like this but they never could get it to work.

Suck, I wanted to do the exact thing that was outlined in that GitHub project, which was for a doorbell/Ring alternative.
I guess for now I will just do a sitemap with the IP camera showing who is there.

Amcrest and Dahua (same api) do have a way outlined in their api documents but I have not played with it at all. I also do not know if it would be half or full duplex. At some point I will have a crack but the feature is low on my to do list. Only those two brands are likely to be easy due to their api outlining some info on doing it with http calls.