Ip cam

Good morning. in my list of add-ons, I don’t have “ip camera”,how can I have it? Thank you. Kind regards.

Which version of OpenHAB software is installed at your site ?
How did you install the software ( openhabian, apt, yum, docker, … ) ?
This is necessary to know as depending on the version and on the source the IP camera binding might not be provided with the installation method.

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I uses version 2.5.2,000 loaded on https://github.com/openhab/openhab-syno-spk/releases

You need version 2.5.9 or newer for it to show up in the installable list.

However since you use 2.5 you can opt to not upgrade and to just drop the jars into your addons folder, it then instantly shows up as installed. The merged binding has a known bug that stops you recording GIF for any length other than 5 seconds, so the below jar does not have any known bugs in it and you may wish to use it regardless of your version.

You can download it from here:

Thanks for the answer. I’m going to test it.