IP camera binding woes?

Hi All,
I did not do any digging yet, but wonder the experience of other users. I am using OH 3.0.1 and have a Dahua PTZ IP camera which is on the list of supported cams. The connection is wired,.

Since I am using it, I regularly get the ‘broken image’ in habpanel and in the log I see errors like “Cannot connect to IP camera” . When using an Onvif viewer application it alway seems to work flawlessly.

Since a couple of months, regularly the camera started moving by itself (Normally it is always in a fixed position)
Yesterday I disabled the IP camera binding (removed the things file), put the camera in a fixed position
and it stayed there until this afternoon.
Then I re-enabled the ip-cam binding, for some time it was ok, but the beginning of this evening position was changed. It requires more testing to find out if this was a coincidence, but I doubt it.

Any similar experiences here, or any ideas ?