IP Camera HabPanel


Just seeing if I can get some assitance with the setup of my IP Camera to be viewed on my HABPanel.

I have a TP-Link Tapo C200 IP Camera. This has been set up. I can connect to it using VLC using the RTSP link.

I am using the IPBindings addon which I can connect to the Camera using “HIKVISION” IP camera with ONVIF and API support. The problem is that it says it is online but I can’t seem to add it to the HABPanel.

Anyone have any suggestions?


i am doing this:

no binding/ connection needed with Openhab to be able to use this.

Hi @Peacemaker ,

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, this isn’t working for me. Can you see the live feed in a browser. I have a username and password associated with the camera so it wouldn’t be able to connect.

Do you definitely have no other system making this available?



i do have set my IP cam that anyone can view the image (locally), just…to edit the settings i need to login.(Idea?)
The cgi thing in my url was a link i found in the manual of my camera.

For my basicUI usage (so not HABPanel) i have set 2 other stuff in my sitemap file:
For Openhab android app usage:

Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"

and to use via the website:

Webview url="" icon=none height=22

I did a test in the meanwhile.
When i surf locally to my IP camera and richt click the image i am seeing, and use “copy image URL”…
I can put this specific URL in my HABpanel.
This will provide a livestream.

Though this wont work as long as you need to login before seeing anything.

Also found this on the TP-link website:
Maybe there is a way to provide the login by URL.

i can not get something simular working for me :slight_smile: so its hard to say

Maybe, this?:
Your cam has ONVIF i believe.

Thank you for your quick response!

When I try to browse to that url with my IP i get something along the lines of {“error_code”: -40401, “result” : { “data”: {“code”: -40407, “encrypt_type”: [“1”, “2”], “key”:

This is when I got to the HTTPS version but get refused to connect with HTTP.

Is there a way to play RTSP though to the HABPanel? I didn’t think it’ll be this complicated to stream a video!

I can use the RTSP link in VLC to view the video feed. Would there be something I can install on linux to turn RTSP video into a webpage viewable video feed?

Really appreciate your help!

not sure tbh, a quick google for “openhab rtsp” or “rtsp habpanel” gives so much info on this forum, i am afraid u will have to take the time and go through those posts. :slight_smile:

The rtsp thing was more a direction i was thinkin that could be of any help, how to use it exactly i have no clue about :slight_smile:

You also said u are using the IP camera binding.
Do u have a live feed possible via your basicUI? the sitemap file.

I’ve tried a lot of things with IP Binding but I can’t seem to get any live feed possible. Currently I am going to try ffmpeg/ffserver to convert the stream.

The IP camera binding i couldnt get to work for myself either, was to difficult :stuck_out_tongue:
Thats actually the reason why i started searching for different solutions.

Thing is that the manual of your cam is so limited, to consumer minded.
Hardly any info.

a seperate google for rtsp and your cam does give info.

I would say… if u can ever get a live feed working on your pc in a browser… without an app or loggin at TPLink or … then your close :slight_smile:

Its kinda the reason why i avoid consumer cams from Dlink… they require an app on the phone for setup + cloud account to be able to even just access remotely.
My knowlegde is to limited i am afraid to be able to help u :slight_smile:

but there is def a lot of info on this forum to test.

adding a God in openhab, maybe he knows someone that knows more about camera’s :slight_smile:

Good luck tho !

Thank you very much for your help and advice. My exact thinking once it shows in my browser implementation to Habpanel is easy.

That is an issue, telling the binding you have a hikvision when u have a TP-Link is going to be an issue. See the readme for the binding on what to do if you have issues. Hint logs.

I have been able to do this with Shinobi Hub.

Does the camera have the Hikvision API and also the exact same urls for streaming with? If yes then you can do that, if NO then do not do it with the binding. Setting up a camera as a ONVIF thing type will do auto dectection of urls, if you tell it you have X brand then it skips detection and uses hard coded urls.
The only way to really be sure of what is going on is to look at the logs as that is why they exist, to help work out what is happening when things are not working.

I tested the code that is in the IpCamera readme and it still works for displaying a HLS (m3u8) stream that the binding can create for you from RTSP sources…

item file:

String BabyCamHlsStreamUrl "Baby Monitor" { channel="ipcamera:DAHUA:BabyCamera:hlsUrl", ga="Camera" [ protocols="hls" ] }

TEMPLATE WIDGET in habpanel:

<span style="position:absolute; height:100%; width:100%; overflow: hidden; top: 0; left: 0;">
<video style="width: 100%; height: 100%; position: relative; top: 0; left: 0;" src="{{itemValue('BabyCamHlsStreamUrl')}}" controls autoplay/>