IP Camera Motion Contact Item without using rules

Hey All,

I have installed the IP camera Binding and working perfectly. but I have a question about how I can transform the Camera Motion Item from Switch to Contact without creating another Contact item and create a rule for that.

Is it possible?

I’m not sure it make sense with a contact, perhaps a switch that has a mapping is what you are after? See the PTZ section of the ipcamera docs for an example of creating a push button that sends a command. The ON command is a What starts the feature working.

Hello Matt,

The point that I need to show the Motion on the sitemap, and it always is shown as a swatch where the user (me) can turn it On and Off.

That’s why I need to show this motion as a Contact item and not switch. I can do it in rule by creating a new Contact item triggered Close/Open from this Motion Switch On/Off.

But I prefer to avoid using the rule. that’s it.

You get to choose how it is presented on the sitemap.
Text item=yourMotionItem

For what it’s worth, I arrange all my binary yes/no input only devices to be Contact types, that’s what they’re for.
But if a binding author has provided you with a switch type channel, there is no simple way to link directly to a Contact Item.

Having a rule and another Item to make your own conversion doesn’t actually cost anything.

Sorry I misunderstood in my last reply.
Yes it is annoying that a READ ONLY switch channel is displayed that way and able to be moved in Basic UI. It wont trigger the alarm if moved.

Out of interest what do most other bindings do? Surely that is considered a bug if a read only switch can be moved and stays moved?

Then change the way it is presented. It is your sitemap, you get to control how Items are shown.
Text item=yourMotionItem

Up to the authors. Some regard Contact as the “correct” type for any read-only binary input. Some regard Switch as suitable. After all, there are no special Items for read-only numbers.
So you can find either, and neither is a bug.

If you mean your 'read only" switch Item appears to respond to commands, that is within your control as well. Look into autoupdate. Although if you do choose not to display a switch toggle, this problem just goes away.

Thanks for the info. This seems to work best, as it is clear it is not moveable as you suggested.

Text item=Camera_Motion_Alarm icon=siren label="Motion [%s]"

Link to autoupdate in docs…

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