IP camera recommendation for local API control?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an indoor IP camera that has a local API? I really only need it for the simplest of purposes at the moment: taking snapshots at certain times. Later, of course, other uses might occur to me.

I really, really, want to avoid a cloud-based API and cloud storage, too.

Read this post here:

IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

Thanks. I did read it (it’s a long post) and there’s a lot of discussion about cameras not working properly, but I couldn’t work out which ones have local APIs (I presume “API camera” doesn’t imply that the API is local) and local storage. ONVIF also doesn’t seem to imply anything about local API or storage.

Only the first post in that thread is useful to read as it tells you what each brand has implemented from their API and what the binding can do.

Onvif is a local API that is standardized.
I do not care about non local API so all the ones mentioned are local.

OK. It would probably be worth mentioning that in the first post so it’s clear. Thanks.