IP Camera Streaming Sitemap Issue

I am having trouble (OH2.4) with getting the Sitemap to display the HLSstream from my IP camera. I have other features of the IP camera binding working (Snapshot, animated GIF). I think I am very close, since the binding is producing 2 sec videos, but they are not appearing when I activate streaming in BasicUI (Sitemap). I generally followed the documented solution with the exception that I added a 64 GB USB drive to my RPi3 to store the animated gif’s so I could review them periodically. By design the HLS are in the same folder. Here is what I am looking at.
Camera Thing:

Thing ipcamera:HTTPONLY:Basement “Basement Cam” @ “Basement”
PASSWORD= “xxxxxx”,

Sitemap entry:

Frame label=Streams{
Text label=“iOS Stream” icon=“camera”{
Webview url=“” height=15

Extract of log file:
IPcamstreamtest.txt (13.6 KB)

Picture of generated files in /mnt/mydisk/cameras.
Note the versions/times do not match the log file because I did additional tests after I extracted the log file, and ran a new test this morning.

Again my issue is that although HLS files are generated, they are not being displayed as a stream on my sitemap. This is true whether I open the sitemap in Safari or Chrome.

I think I am missing something simple, but do not know what. Any help would be appreciated.

The logs show your setup is only doing 1.08 speed and you need to reach 1 to do real-time. It may be your USB bottleneck which if you use. A RAM disk like I do it may then work or it may be the cpu. I am using a odroid c2 to do my streaming and use it multiple times a day to stream a baby monitor to our tv or google home hub screen.

Thanks for the insights and analysis. I may try the RAM option described in the documentation, but it is probably the Rpi3. I have been concerned with its power with video. I’ll mark this as a solution since it is probably one or the other.

Streaming via sitemap wasn’t a priority, I was only trying it because it was there. My cams monitor the exterior of the house and 99.9% of the time nothing is happening. The cameras have an application that stream all four cameras, but I find I do not use that much either.

What I have in sitemap are two images when motion is detected, one using the FTP binding when the camera detects motion and the other a snapshot from your binding when my separate outdoor motion detectors are triggered. An animated GIF is created (upon motion) and stored on the USB drive and I use your program to add the time to the file. I periodically go through the gifs to see if anything is interesting. For me it is mostly animals (bears, coyotes, deer and rabbits) and cars entering or leaving the garage. If it is really interesting I use google REST and documentation from Reolink to get a full resolution (5MP) file off the camera (I have an SD card in the camera) and store that on my PC.

Again thanks, I could not have done this without your binding.