IP Z-Wave Bridge

A building of 5 Floors, I want “Z-Wave Bridge connected to Wifi Internet” in each floor.

This solution has been published for quite some time…


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Wouldn’t it be easier to just let the zwave just span over the 3 floors naturally? Unless there’s some sort of transmission restrictions that would not allow cross floor communication.

As you’d then have 1 z-wave network, rather than 3 independent ones. Though I think you can set controllers as secondaries. But my view it you have to know have 3 systems up and running rather than one.

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Or 5 floors, as I understand it the Zwave network is a mesh network, so as long as you have some mains powered nodes in reach of each other across the floors you should be fine.
Unless your floors are built like Faraday cages that is…

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Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:
In fact, I am not sure that one Bridage(z-stick gen 5) will covers the entire building … The building consists of 5 floors … The area of one floor is about 50 * 10 meters

Zwave network is a mesh network,

Yes, you are right :grin:

Packets traversing the zwave mesh can do 4 hops to the controller. I think zwave plus is spec’d at 350ft line of sight, so as long as devices can communication between floors and you’ve designed the mesh well, one controller may work for you.

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The problem is 4 hops can take a long time and as zwave protocol is one at a time messages, the performance would be very fragile. The chances are that the network would see regular pauses with relatively low traffic.

I think this is the type of scenario that Z/IP was created for. I have a test setup on 700 chips and certainly when the network is stretched and has a lot of busy nodes is the use case that it does have advantages over a single zwave network.