iPad mini with Habpanel As wall mounted tablet

Anyone using an iPad (mini) successfully with Habpanel with properly updating widgets?

I am running OH2.1 stable on Raspberry powered by openhabian and would like to use my old mini with Habpanel. Unfortunately I experienced refresh issues with my iPhone running Habpanel on safari occasionally.

Or is an android tablet the better option?

don’t use safari ! look for some kiosk app that desing to run web app on ipad

Like that :

Thanks. I will consider it for another room :slight_smile:

For now I have chosen an Xido X111 with Fully Kiosk Browser.

I like the REST API of Fully Kiosk Browser to lock / unlock the screen.

This is what i use and it’s work so well !! I Now have an openhab item that use the rest api and close all my tab in the night or when i leave !

I also setup an item that load another habpanel for the music for exemple … so if i activate the Cleaning or party mode rules all my tab switch for the music menu !

I am glad to hear that it’s worth to go this path :slight_smile:
With “close” you meen the REST command
/?cmd=screenOff&password=[pass] - I guess?

That “music” habpanel is a good idea!

Yes exacly ! And i use a timecron in openhab to refresh the page every 5 minutes ( with the rest api and the url i want to reload ) so then i can stop the refresh of that page when i’m in music mode and refresh the music page instead

Which wall mount do you guys use with XIDO?

I just stuck some strong magnets on the back and put the Xido to my fridge.
It still a preliminary solution.