IPCamera Binding - Stream URLs don't work

Hi all,

I’m currently adding some cameras to my home. I do the overall “security stuff” with my Synology NAS and Surveillance Station Addon based on RTSP. Working perfectly fine. Can although add the RTSP URL in VLC and see the stream. All good.

But I although want to have the stream in my sitemap so I don’t need another App to check the cameras and I would like to show get a picture shown as soon as someones rings the door.

So I installed IPCamera binding, and added my camera as an RTSP camera. Created some Items like MJPEG Stream, Snapshot, Motion Alarm. Items received values after some seconds so all good.

After that I tried adding the stream to my sitemap based on structure given in the binding documentation.

Video url="http://192.168.xxx.xxx:8004/ipcamera.mjpeg" encoding="mjpeg"

But I can’t see the stream in the sitemap. Just some loading bar for some seconds and than a blank line.
So I checked some possibilitys but everything I found online didn’t solved this.
Although added ffmpeg updated to my raspberry (Openhabian Installation) even if I think it’s not necessary for the mjpeg stream.
But didn’t helped.

Now I checked if I can see the stream in my browser. I saw lot’s of videos were I noticed that you can take the URL in webbrowser and can see the stream. But even that is not working. So I think it is a overall issue and has nothing to do with the configuration ot the sitemap.

I checked the thing configuration again and took the rtsp link directly our of the config and added it into VLC, was able to see the stream so used URL is correct. I double checked username, password and external port too - all correct.

I have no idea whats wrong :frowning:

Camera is a IMOU Bullet 2C and Openhab Version is 3.0.0, IP Camera binding.

Any ideas?

See the bindings documentation and read the very top on what to do if you have problems. DEBUG or TRACE logs are needed.

I would recommend you move to 3.1 Stable as a minimum or the latest milestone build would be better, 3.0 is just too old and a lot changed that brought it forward a lot.

Also it may be worth installing the newer JAR for the ipcamera binding as a breaking change is coming where the URLS are different that you will need to be aware of. Get it working on the latest version then the BC wont effect you going forward.

Precompiled jar and also the source code if you wish to build it:

Updated documentation that is updated to cover the URL changes:

Or when the next milestone is released in a around a weeks time, it will be included in that if you prefer to wait.