IPCamera Binding, Streams are fine, but usage of tmpfs is unclear

Hi all,

today I’ve successfully manages to setup my TAPO camera with openhab.
I could include the streams into Openhab and I can see the live picture.

As I’m using a RASPI for sure I want to avoid wrting to the harddisk and therefore I’ve created a tmpfs directory a shown in the documentation for ram-drive-setup.

root@raspi:/openhab/userdata/ipcamera/387edad2bc# df -h /tmpfs/
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
tmpfs            75M     0   75M   0% /tmpfs

The only problem is that it is empty all the time… Do I have to do a separate setting to use the tmpfs?

And btw. I’ve a SSD Harddisk as well as the SD Card, which directories should be mounted where?