IPCamera > Chromecast only plays 3 seconds


I’m trying to cast video feed from IPCamera binding to Nest Hub. For some reason it seems that chromecast doesn’t like either of the mjpeg outputs (ipcamera.mjpeg or snapshots.mjpeg). It seems to timeout after a couple of seconds of trying to load even though the image works fine on a regular browser.

No problem, I found a workaround casting the m3u8 playlist instead. Problem is the generated playlist only has 3 .ts files in it so it just plays for 3 seconds and times out which sends chromecast back to standby mode again.

Since the original cast is sent via a rule, I can’t put it in a loop or it would just consume a thread forever.

Edit: Seems like the m3u8 isn’t up to date either. It’s looping through footage from hours ago.

What are the fixes?


I wonder if this is a caching issue. The Default Media Receiver app is usually a bit behind the actual stream, so I would guess that it needs to get ahead by a few seconds. But in the case of a live video feed, that would mean going into the future. That might lead Cast to assume that the stream has ended and turn it off.

This is all just a guess on my part, though.

Yes I have not been able to cast the mjpeg streams yet, tried for ages… I would need to analyze another program that does it to know if it is even possible and how they do it. You need to use HLS by casting the ipcamera.m3u8 which I use daily without issues here. The JPG also can be cast which at one stage I was casting the JPG when the doorbell was pressed to get an instant picture whilst the HLS was still getting created by the binding and then changing over to HLS when it was ready.

Then that is your issue, something must be blocking the binding from creating a new playlist file check if the file/s on disk are updating. It could also be something in your network caching and sending the old file.

  1. Check what is happening with TRACE log output. See the very start of the bindings documentation under the title ‘how to get help’.
    2.Check the files that are stored on the disk to see if they update.