Ipcamera, which is the simpliest/cheapest way?

I have a dafang camera with custom firmware which sends me “telegram” image when motion is detected. I hope to get an as much cloudless solution as I could, which ipcamera do you recommend me and which configuration should I do to openhab?


Recommend you read the first post in this thread.

IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

If you want the cheapest, that would be a esp32 camera, however I do not see these as good value as you get bad quality picture, no night vision and missing features like motion detection done on board. In some cases like a camera in your dogs kennel, you may be happy with this.

Sorry about cheapest, maybe affordable was a better word. I can afford ~35€ per camera, but not ~100€; I have checked and price range is really wide in this topic.
As I understand, as long as the camera has ONVIF it should work ok, and the brands in IpCamera: New IP Camera Binding should be good enough

Probably better to ask this question on a camera forum as models change often.

You will want a camera with properly implemented ONVIF as sadly some of the cheap cameras falsely advertise they are onvif as the implementation does not follow the specs and they are full of bugs. That forum has some good info and where you are located can mean freight makes some cameras cost higher than if located in a different place.