Iphone and Network Binding

Does anyone know how to make an iPhone work with the Network binding?

I am on Openhab 4.0.3 running in Ubuntu, latest version.

I have 2 android phones working without a problem using the ping-device option

I also tried to get 2 iphones to work an iphone 15 and a just reset iphone 8 with both the ping-device and the network device with running service, with all of them I have the same issue, the phone will show present when I use it but immediately after it will show as off network. Both of them showed uses_ios_wakeup = YES, actually the android phones also show this option as YES
I also followed the instruction to set port forwarding.

I don’t know what else to try
Thank you

I set the interval to 60000 and the retry of ping interval to 2, this works without a problem with IOS iPhone 13 and 14

Thank you
I don’t know what is different but I tried yet another factory defaulted iphone in an openhab instance running in a raspberry pi and I get the exact same behavior. Is detected as present only if I use it, otherwise it just shows as OFF

Are you trying to use the iPhones for presence?


I and some others do the following (to leverage Apple’s backend):

  • create a virtual presence switch
  • expose it via the HomeKit binding
  • have HomeKit turn it on and off when you leave/arrive

I have found it to work really well but I have not tried the other methods and it may depend on your situation, in terms of your property. The good thing is you don’t have the issue with verification requests, that you get with the iCloud binding.
It also works quite well to warn me when there is an issue with HomeKit - I have it run an automation to ask me to open my gate when I get home, if this isn’t working I know I need to check and maybe reboot my HomePod (maybe a couple of times a year).

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Thank you, I’ll look into it.

Just to be clear, I am trying to use the network binding, not the icloud binding. The network binding works in the local network only pinging the IP address of the phone to see if it is within reach of the router.

Sure. Just thought it might be useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

have you tried my settings for interval and ping? If I leave them default, I get the same behavior as you but if I change to the settings as listed above, the on / off network is detected just fine.

Yes, after seeing the initial reply I set the parameters to 60000, 2 and 5000, still no joy

Thanks again