iPhone app - the future?

I love the iPhone / iPad app for OpenHAB 1.x and I’m wondering if whoever maintains it could say what their plans are for development?

The real reason I’m asking is that my hope is there are no major plans for development, with the exception of keeping bugs at bay when required.

I understand the modern life-cycle of applications is such that we never consider an app to be “finished”. But OpenHAB for iOS, in my mind, is finished. It’s a 5 star app - it’s stable, reliable, fast, clean interface, and I trust in it.

It’s very important for me in my continued journey of OpenHAB that an iOS app remains extremely reliable, because if I want to control my home, then I’m putting a lot of eggs in one basket. I’m designing an automation system, I’m taking apart my home to put cables in the right place, and all on the basis that my control interface is brilliant. (Which it is!)

All other aspects of my use of OpenHAB are under my control. I can choose to upgrade to OH2, or stay on the current version. Unfortunately the iOS app doesn’t allow this - if it gets updated I have no choice but to accept. This is why it’s the “weak link” in reliability and future-proofness - I’m depending on someone else not doing something that will break my automation system.

I totally understand if OH2 comes along and a new app is released. In fact I would probably adopt this, and I’d also be more than happy to pay money for this app if it’s good. But my main concern is that the existing app never gets broken. Not even small changes that might only affect a small subset of users.

Hoping someone can respond with reassuring words on the above :wink:

Well, there are always some plans, but I don’t see anything which should disturb you in them.
The closest plans are:
Add a navigation drawer to navigate through sitemaps list and other stuff, like my.openHAB notifications history
Add support for new openHAB 2.0 features like device discovery and so on, those items will also go into drawer (the way as it works for android app)
Fix annoying bug when the app doesn’t detect network change (scrapping my scalp, I can’t understand why this is happening) to jump between local and remote connections.
Add Apple Watch support.

Best regards,
Victor Belov

@belovictor: Thank you for providing the iOS app - this is my main interface to OpenHAB, and it works quite nice! But: I had some situations where the values are not updated. This might be related to the network change issue, but I have not observed it with the network change in mind.

I would like to suggest adding a “refresh” gesture to the app, similar to e.g. tweetbot: if you pull the display down, it (re-)connects to OpenHAB and refreshes all values. Do you think this is doable?

All the best,

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Yes, it is. Can you please open an issue for that at https://github.com/openhab/openhab.ios/issues ?

Thank you for pointing me at the issue tracker - I wasn’t aware of it. It is now registered as issue #49.


I personally would like to see one feature in the ios app: Voice-Control, similar to the one in the Android app. For sure this is not the most urgent request and I have no idea whether or not I’m the only one who would like this or what to do to implement this feature but it makes the handling a bit “Star Trek” like (“House, Dim the light” :slight_smile: ).