IPhone/IOS: “Offline: Waiting for Connection to become available” WHY?

Hi all…I am going crazy!

Since Update to 2.4 (at least as far as I remember) I have the issue that when I open the Sitemap, then close the browser (basically switch to an other app or press the home button) and open the browser again (with the sitemap still on) I have the message “Offline: Waiting for Connection to become available” is shown for about 30 seconds. During that time no updates are made (for the current displayed values). This is extremely anoying.

I thought that has maybe to do with some bindings or some misconfiguration (and played around a lot), but today I setup a totally fresh system (openhabian), just installed the hue binding, added 4 items to the sitemap and again I am having this issue.

It is in Safari and in Firefox (for IOS).

Unfortunatelly I do not have any debug tools on the Iphone…

Any idea?

Added: This behaviour does not appear on the chrome browser in my linux machine.

Did you check the logs on the openHAB machine. Guess is that openHAB is busy out of some reason. How did you update to 2.4?

Did the update long time ago (and lived too long with the issue). Dont remember details, but it was probably with apt-get upgrade.

I am not seeing anything in the log (and would wonder why this just apprears on IOS/Iphone).

If it is only on one device or one type of device and NOT on all devices and if the logs don’t show any problems my assumption is false. Sorry.