Iris door and window sensor

I am looking for a door/window sensors for a while and all of them I found are in range $20-30 per unit. I need 10 of them and I don’t want to spent $200 :slight_smile: Lowes has a deal for their Iris sensor but I cannot find any information what kind of technology is that. I have Z-Wave stick connected to my Raspberry.
I heard that Iris decices were zigbee technology. If this is the case, can I have zwave and zigbee stick working at the same time? I assume yes I can but there are so many bumps on the road with openhab and it might be not so obvious.

Does anyone have these sensors? How to connect them?
It is version 2 of their sensors, model 3320-L2.

Yes. In fact, for awhile there was a combo controller/coordinator for sale though reports are that the Zigbee part never really worked all that well. I have one but haven’t tried to do anything with Zigbee yet.

It’s a really good price right now ($10). Unfortunately, if a review on Amazon is true, Iris doesn’t implement the standard Zigbee protocol so it will not work without the hub. Unfortunately this is not uncommon.

I’m trying to pair these as well. My RPi3/Telegesis ETRX3 find them but don’t know what they are. Once added they show as offline.

I believe these are standard zigbee as they were originally working with a SmartThings hub.

States ZigBee HA 1.2 Compatible Device on the packaging.

Thanks! I skipped these ones. There is a hot topic right now for more or less the same topic - cheap options. I and think I will go with Xiaomi hub and sensors.

Actually, I have these on all my doors/windows and they performed flawlessly with my SmartThings Hub for years. They also report temperature. I just need to figure out how to get them working with OH.