Is anyone creating a GivEnergy binding?

Hi - I’m new to OH3 and automation in general. Got most of my devices up & working within OH.

I’m expecting to have a GivEnergy PV & battery system (UK) installed in a few months time and am looking at what data I’ll be able to get from the system to use within OH.

Before I go much further looking into how to use their API (and in fact any API as I’ve not done this before :slight_smile: ), I was wondering if anyone is developing a GivEnergy binding?


GivEnergy have an API that I think you can access with HTTP, either the binding or in a rule.

I’m not sure how often that is updated so I use a local connection. The GivEnergy WiFi dongle accepts Modbus over TCP connections. Annoyingly, they don’t use the standard Modbus protocol so you can’t use the Modbus binding. There is a program called GivTCP that you can execute with the exec binding and parse the results with a rule or a JSON transformation. I use this method to poll the inverter every 10 seconds.

I did modify GivTCP to grab fewer parameters because it was filling up the log with long JSON strings.


Thanks for the info.
I’ll bear this in mind once I have the system installed etc.