Is Binding compatible with Pilight 7.0


does the pilight binding work with Pilight 7.0?


Yes it does. I’m running it in my prod setup.


thank you. After your reply i upgraded plight to 7.0 adjust the config and it worked! Great!

Thank you!


can you paste your config from plight ?

i am struggling with the problem that plight is only sending the state to openhab when the state is changing in plight.
it would be handy if plight processes the command to openhab without looking to the state in plight

any suggestions ?

Hey Roy,
I dont get your point. openhab binding does a subscription on the pilight items.So any change in pilight is reflected in OH, which is great!
Can you describe your question or actual problem in more detail?

Ok i try to explain :smile:

i use a 433 mhz switch to turn on the tv. When this switch is pressed on , it sends a command to my harmony hub to power on my receiver, tv etc.

But i have a girlfriend which does not seem to get how to operate on domotica. because she switches my tv off with the remote from the tv. When i want to watch television, i press “ON” on the switch, but the state in pilight is on so i need to turn the switch off and afterwards on again.

verry anoying haha
therefore i do not need it to be mirrored to openhab, but just sent the command

have you soldered 433 mhz to the pi ? or using a standard solution to receive codes on plight

any idea ?


from HW point of view I use the new Arduino setup with a breadboard that has sender and receiver connected. Works nice but RF distance is limited.

Basically for your TV problem, you would need something that turns off the 433 Mhz switch once your girlfriend switches off the TV via remote control.
You could write a rule that reacts on the Harmony hub off signal, to also turn off the switch.

Or you can write a rule that checks if the state of the switch is already on. In case a subsequent ON is received, you can continue with your ON scene.
Hope this helps.

The rule Will not werk because openhab is not receiving an on command if i press the switch (when in pilight the switch is on)

That is the problem, if i could use

If pilight-item received command ON

But that does not work :frowning:

Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


then you have to make a second item for the switch in openhab. The switch should not be controlled directly with the remote. The remote should get an other DIP-Code.

First: “switch” with is binded to plight to the switch
Second: “remote” with is binded to plight to the remote (other DIP-Code)

For “remote” you have to make a rule. If the item “remote” receives command ON, you have to check if “switch”==ON, then: “switch”.sendCommand(OFF); sleep(1000); sendCommand(ON);

If “switch”==OFF then: “switch”.sendCommand(ON);


Wow , is it really that simple haha


@royhofman1989, did you get this to work, i have the same problem, I want to be able to receive an ON or OFF command twice in openHAB, but pilight is not sending the second ON of OFF because it thinks the switch is already on, would be nice to disable this memory function. any ideas?