Is FritzBox Binding broken since #504

Hi all,

does someone else use the FritzBox Binding with the latest snapshot and have the following entries in the log:

14:17:41.887 [INFO ] [.callbacks.FritzAhaUpdateXmlCallback] - request is invalid: 403
14:17:42.051 [INFO ] [.callbacks.FritzAhaUpdateXmlCallback] - request is invalid: 403
14:17:57.145 [INFO ] [.callbacks.FritzAhaUpdateXmlCallback] - request is invalid: 403
14:17:57.448 [INFO ] [.callbacks.FritzAhaUpdateXmlCallback] - request is invalid: 403


ich habe das gleiche Problem.
Im Interface kann verschiedene Einstellungen amchen, sind aber dann alle weg, wenn man die seite wieder auf macht

FTR, issue is tracked at

Hi thogether,
since my upgrade to Openhab 2.1 I got this error message every 3 minutes in openhab.log

2017-07-05 20:11:14.361 [INFO ] [.callbacks.FritzAhaDiscoveryCallback] - request is invalid: 403
2017-07-05 20:11:14.587 [INFO ] [.callbacks.FritzAhaDiscoveryCallback] - request is invalid: 403 

Thing is online in PaperUI, and everything works as expected.
Anyone else with the same issue?
greetings Marc

@canned70 did you check the suggestions / explanations in the issue:

Hi Martin,
yes I checked the suggestions. I use “login with password and username” with a user only for openhab.
Before the upgrade there where no log entries like this.
Interesting is that everything works well. I can switch DECT!200 and get some information (temperatur) without delay.
Thank you,

Hey Marc,

very interesting. Can you tell me a little bit more about your setup? Which FRITZ! devices do you use? Can you please activate the DEBUG logging level for the binding and post an abstract of the complete request and response, if available?

Hi Guy,
I guess it was my fault. :frowning:
I have two Fritzbox (7490) in my environment. To control the DECT stuff, I only use one of them, the second one works as a W-LAN Access Point. The second one was discovered and in my things list, but offline. With openhab 2.0, there was no log entry, but now openhab try to login also to the second one, and this is the reason for the warnings in the log file.
I remove the thing for the second Fritzbox and the log entry disappear.
Sorry for confusion,
many greetings

Hi Marc,

glad to hear. No problem. Don’t hesitate to ask again if you have any further questions.