Is google asistant integration no longer maintained?

perfect :heart:

I see also the inverted option for Blinds, it’s a good idea for people who have problem. good job :slight_smile:

No, I expected someone had already taken this into consideration.

Precise. But I´ll need to know where to look, and what to do, in case something doesnt look right.
As I explained before, this has to be organised and structured.

If/when noone complaints or mentioned anything, it doesnt mean everything is good. Mostly it means, something could be better, but noone cares about it. You seem to prefere this way.
Its a very bad habbit to target the person complaining or mention something, telling them to fix it themselves, rather than trying to understand, that even a complaint can be the help needed to get things changed. You seem very focused on anyone saying, mentioning, complaining, that they grab the ball and fix it themselves. This is mostly why people aren´t saying anything. And then´ll you´ll end up with noone saying anything anymore, because they dont care.

It´s a circle destruction, and a bad way of thinking, in my opinion.

Anyway, as I said, I wouldnt mind doing what I believe is needed , as long as it gets organised and structured. Without, there is a great risc that things wont be any better.

As evidenced by this whole conversation clearly you can see that’s not the case.

openHAB is an open book. Everything is done out in the open on GitHub for the world to see. Start looking at the Issues and PRs made to the various repos and come up with some sort of metric to tell if a project is in trouble. You know as much as anyone else. You are perfectly capable of organizing and structuring this effort.

I didn’t say don’t mention or say anything. But you keep on complaining about this one issue over and over across multiple threads. So at this point either do something about it or stop complaining. We have been made aware of the problem.

If you see something new, then yes, please raise the issue. But also realize, the issue must be raised on GitHub at some point.

How is it any better that those who do care about it are not willing to do anything more than complain about it on the forum? If you think you are helping the project by just pointing out problems over and over with no intent on working to fixing it then you are part of the problem.

You’ve raised your issue. No one has volunteered to do the work to address your issue. Continuing to complain about the same thing is not going to get things changed. It’s just complaining. It’s not helpful. It will lead nowhere.

If you are looking for some sort of top down organization to impose upon the various OH repos than you are heading down the wrong path. That isn’t how OH as a project is organized. That isn’t how it works. And I doubt the maintainers at large will sign up for such.

But as an effort that you lead, you can organize and structure it how ever you want.

Hi @gytisgreitai. Thanks for your voice about GA maintanance problem. But the greatest thanks for your development attempt. Your approach looks very flexible.

As I understand this topic has to be split into two parts. The first one is to discuss how to manage the overall issue with any component maintenance: ability to maintain maintainers, how to see red flags in the project, explain foundation approach and so on. My proposal is to create by you the second topic: “New implementation of GA integration” to discuss your approach, give you feedback, ask you about details and focus on deployment.

The last one is the question: How to deploy two different ways of GA integratioon (current @MARZIMA and developed by @gytisgreitai) on existing infrastructure.

I keep the fingers crossed and I hope GA integration features will be enhanced.

My understanding is that the tag naming approach was derived from the initial Apple HomeKit integration.

There have been a few discussions on how to continue having a unified configuration across virtual assistant integrations while introducing customized metadata configuration. The main consensus seems to be to use the recently added semantics metadata support concept. Another idea was to expand the current list of supported tags across integrations but we never got to an agreement in the end.

I think that is a terrific idea. It is not unprecedented to have two binding using the same technology. Matt1 has developed a great ip camera binding when there was already an ip camera binding and has developed many new features

How would a second binding get registered with Google? I cant see Google allowing Openhab to have multiple implementations allowed…

I’ve stated this above, that I’m more targeting self hosted solution rather than hopping to become official addon, I mean even now I have my own hosted myopenhab service with test action wired on google.

Regarding Google allowing multiple implementations, probably not, but then again, have a look at their suggested bindigs, e.g. “Daikin AC Manager India”, “Daikin Smart Home”, “Daikin D’SmartHome Lite” “Essence Australia Smart Home” “Essence Smart Home Beta”. They do look like they should be single items, yet somehow they are split. Also I have no idea how hard or vigorous their approval process is. But afaik this is way too early to think about something official.

Cough home assistant cough

PS before I get flamed I come here from home assistant because I have an interest in any open source projects. In looking around I saw this comment and just had to respond. However I am not here as a HA shill. Cheers.

Guys, can you explain for me that please:
is integration with Google Assistant should work now while syncing of new items is disabled to (according to Myopenhab not reachable) ?
I’ve recently tried to integrate with Google Assistant but was unsuccessful.

It’s very long.
Marzima spent several weeks to push and wait for Google official approval. (Thanks to him and his perseverance!).
Main obstacle was that Google employees had no product to buy and test with, as it would happen with regular smart home device manufacturers, so this was kind of first open source project to be integrated with Google smart home part. Maybe now is better.
BUT there is beta , where you can invite specific google accounts to test your Actions on Google beta, and only those users will see the openHAB-test in Google Home app.

I like also the option for self hosted solution. This is available also with marzima version, but you idea of maybe using Docker or ready-to-use VM, and maybe with a very clear and possible simple setup manual, would make possible to many users to go for the self hosted path.

Another important part to consider is the direct local communication instead of going through myopenhab.
This was suggested as possible improvement (not available initially from google) in one of the issues
Integrate with Local Home SDK #102.
Strangely Google Assistant integration with OH is 1-2 seconds slower than Alexa integration (I can test both on same OH instance and same room).
So maybe by using Google Local Home SDK may improve a lot the response time.

Finally I also think opening a new thread for following you implementation, asking for help on testing , progress etc. is a good idea.
The title here is not appropriate anymore for your new implementation effort.

Yes If it can work avec the local SDK , this one will be perfect

Yes, this is exactly how I use the current integration right now

Hm this is strange. I also have Alexa, but haven’t really noticed this. Can you given more examples? Like is it for simple things like “Turn the light on” or complex ones “Dim kitchen light?”

Afaik it would require changes in OH instance, and you still need approved/self hosted solution to sync devices

You’re more than welcome here on the openHAB forum. We share the same passion, just use a different solution :slight_smile:

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Just let it go. Go to your account preferences, select the Users menu and add him to the Ignored list. That’s what I have done. I’m no longer wasting my time reading his assays about how everyone except for himself must do something for the community. If it’s coding, then he can’t code, if it’s going though a list of repositories looking at the dates of the last commit then he doesn’t know how, if it’s organizing then he wants others to do it. The list goes on and on and on.
It’s a total waste of time and energy drain.

You keep on saying “they´re not willing to”. Did it ever occure to you, that maybe they CANT!.

You should get your facts right! I actually said I would.
But it´s pointless unless it gets organised and structured. Otherweise it will end up the same, cause thats whats missing in the first place. You may disagree upon that part, but then you´ll have a problem explaining how come this thread ever got started in the first place.

I find it highly destructive blaming anyone for not knowing “how to”, when they offering their help.

You had about twenty posts time to think about some orga yourself, but you have chosen to post here instead.

If you need a fixed structure, develop it yourself and present it to the community.
No one will do that for you, since it would be the wrong one anyways.
You want someone, who gives dedicated tasks to you and this instance is not existing.
That has been said enough times now.
You have to start yourself and get an overview.
That’s what I have done too as I startet contributing to the docs and it was the same for other parts and events I am helping out now.
I got an impression of the base and found tasks that I am able to solve.
No one poked me or have me a description/blueprint.
So maybe it is time to stop posting here and dig into the GitHub repositories.

And as a second statement like days ago:
This is the wrong thread for this discussion and should have been continued in a separate place.

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Yes even the simple “turn light on” take a variable 1-2s more on GH than Alexa, same light, same binding to control the light, same OH instance. This happens always to me.
Maybe the difference could be your connection goes through different myopenhab backends? (They depend on location, I am in Italy)

I Just read briefly in the Local Home SDK docs and they state the home device should not be changed. What they say you should do is create javascript code to be run by Google on the GH device which invokes your home device using local connectivity. Sort of transfer the cloud part of the google Assistant integration to be run on the google home device.
In our case the local home device is of course OH Rest APIs.

From the docs
the Local Home platform scans the user’s local area network using mDNS, UDP broadcast, or UPnP to discover smart devices

So afaik local openhab instance would have to expose item via mDNS/UDP/UPnP . I am not tha familiar with openhab but could not find anything with a quick google search?