Is homekit bridge a two-way communication system?

Hi all,
I’ve got a weird question in my mind. Today, I’ve Homekit for all my house, plus Hue and Tado (which talk directly with homekit) and two docker container with Deconz and Homebridge. I am looking at moving to OpenHab and leverage some functions I can’t have on Homekit and Homebridge, example drawing a chart of house temperature collected by both tado radiator valves and aqara sensors via Deconz.

Now the question is: aqara sensors, even today, talk with Deconz which feed to Homebridge and then to Homekit. Although, Tado, which talks directly with Homekit, is not seen by homebridge, so communication is one-way.

What about with openHab? Would I be able to also see everything on my HomeKit down into openHab or I should connect everything to both openHab and HomeKit?


In general you can expose openHAB items to HomeKit, but not the other way around.
If you mean by two-ways, that actions taken via HomeKit are reflected in openHAB: yes that works, by which I mean when you have, for example a switch as openHAB item exposed to HomeKit, you can toggle that switch via HomeKit and see the change reflected in openHAB.

If you mean if your HomeKit items are visible in openHAB: no

So to have HomeKit working with openHAB you connect everything to openHAB and that expose these items to HomeKit.

If you mean if your HomeKit items are visible in openHAB: no

it is what I thought honestly. Well need to figure out if I can limit the exposure to Homekit to some devices.