Is influxdb persistence blocking?

I recently had a problem with my openhab server (running 1.7.1 on odroid hardware).

Starting at some point no events were passed over the event bus. Neither events from the Homematic binding nor events triggered by mqtt. Nothing!

It turned out that Influxdb was having a problem with too many open files (I should have read the docs more thoroughly :slight_smile: ). It was taking requests but it seemed influxdb never returned the answer openhab expected from it.

So openhab waited and waited an waited. And while it waited nothing happened in the whole system. It seems not even rules fired. Either that or the values were not passed to the bindings.

Can anybody with more knowledge of the internals confirm this is a correct observation? If so, Iā€™d think there should be some kind of abstraction layer between the event bus and persistence to avoid this situation of a nearly dead home automation just because a persistence service is not available or having problems.

What do others think?