Is it hard to make bindings? Should I try and write my own?

I’m a noob.

I’ve got smart lights,specifically Connected by TCP ones.

Currently I’m using a node script I created and executeCommandLine calls to control them.

Is this a good use case for a custom binding?

Should I try and build one?

Is it really hard?

Where would I start?

If you have just a few TCP connection with some bytes to manage, there is no need for a own binding, that’s all present.

Building a binding is - IMHO - not easy - at least for OH2.
Try the tutorials for OH2 that’s the general starting point. Don’t try to built a OH1 binding, it’s outdated.

I personally did not manage to get the tutorials for OH2 running. I’ll try again when OH2 is finalised.

Good luck !

You’re probably right. Besides I most likely do not currently have the skill or time required to build one.

I was originally thinking about it because I’ve got all my lights working using node and exec calls, and I thought that if a binding was easy to make it would be a good way to give back to the community for all they’ve done for me via this forum.

Instead I’ll just polish up my code, load it on github and add an entry to the forum.