Is it permitted to try and find an openhab user in my area to get together?

I can understand that it may be frowned upon but would it be permitted to poll the community to see is there were any openhab/zwave users in my area that might like to get together to assist one another.
I thought I was getting on OK with OH1 but since I got a Fibaro FGMS-001 I’m going backwards fast.
I had it working, then I didn’t, then I did, then I didn’t.
I have seen others have issues with it but not to the extent I am.
So, if I posted - would it be removed?

4 hours and counting so I guess you have you answer. I personally see no problem with people using this forum to coordinate meetups and the like. Frankly I suspect that there are enough OH users in some areas to justify a regularly meeting Users Group Meetings.

If you don’t get any bites, you might look for and contact your local Makerspace (if there is one) as I bet they will have at least one member who uses OH.

And for the record, I’m on the front range in Colorado.