Is it possible/hard/worthy to make karaf console work for OH2 within Eclipse IDE to replace osgi console?

I follow the instruction here,

I found start OH2 within Eclipse IDE, the console is osgi console.
However, if we run OH2 outside Eclipse IDE, the console is karaf console.

1 Is it possible/worthy to make karaf console work for OH2 within Eclipse IDE?
2 If it is possible, is it just a task to add some more plugin or I have good knowledge for osgi consle/karaf console to get it done? Can I make use the configuration files like features.xml for OH2 outside Eclipse IDE(I guess that is for maven build) or I need to do the things in a brand new way?
3 And also is it worthy to do it, as we know by official OH2, now console is osgi, does that mean osgi console is good to use within Eclipse IDE for development purpose, so not necessary to change to karaf console?

Some info/discussion can be found here

I try to do this(replace osgi console for karaf console within Eclipse IDE) and spend a couple days.
1 I guess outside Eclipse IDE, the build is maven build.
2 And within Eclipse IDE, maven need a plugin called tycho to build eclipse-plugin component.

But is this a right direction to go?
Can expert shed some light? Thank you very much.