Is it possible in OH 3 to activate a page (Main UI) from a rule

As a control center I have a RPI4 with Chrome OS on a 15" touch monitor on the wall. In OH 2 it was possible to assign an item to a page in the HABPanel. When the item went to 1, the page with the camera image was displayed. Is this also possible in the main UI of OH3, or is there another possibility to switch a camera image over the UI?
I haven’t found a way to assign items to the pages so far.

I have now solved this as follows:

  1. Android (LineageOS 17.1) installed on Raspberry instead of CromeOS.
  2. “Fully Kiosk Browser Pro” with REST interface activated.
  3. install Exec-Binding with the following commands:
a) curl ""
b) curl ""
c) curl ""
d) curl "".
  1. Two Rules if ther ist motion in the driveway or somone pressing the doorbell button, they switches to the camera URL and after 1 Minute back to Start-URL © & (d).
  2. When I am absent / present, two rules also switch the screen off / on (b) & (a).