Is it possible? IPX/Asterisk to "Ring" a Google Home speaker?

Complete openHAB Newbie here so apologies for what may be a basic question.

I have an Asterisk based IPX (Planet IPX-300) that connects HW door stations to PC/Phone soft clients (eg if someone presses the “Ring” button on my Door Stations, the Soft Clients will ring … and you can answer them and have a video/voice call). This all works, but my family tends to close the app so the door bell now goes unanswered.

As I have a bunch of Google Home Speakers, what I would like to do is be able to add them to my “Asterisk Call Group” so when the Door Bell is pressed they too will “ring”. I don’t need them to answer the call, but just ring.

Is this possible with openHAB?


You can add Google Home Speaker as openHAB audio sinks
If you get asterisk to notify openHAB of a call. Via binding (out of date although there are solution on the forum) or HTTP call to the openHAB REST api; then you can get openHAB to send a “ringtone” to the audio sink.

There are two options as far as i know:

  1. use asterisk binding. Not listed in Paper UI, but it’s possible to install it manually. It’s very likely that you will have to change the log settings for the binding to ERROR or OFF to get rid of an annoying WARN message.
    The binding works as intended for me. I’m using Asterisk 13.6 and the binding is not capable to use the whole Asterisk API, but at least I get Information about active calls (Number from, to, Name, Timestamp)
  2. use mqtt. There is a script available for Asterisk (AGI call) to publish an MQTT topic every time a call is received. See Asterisk binding not found in bindings for details.