Is it possible to connect grid connect smart switch to OpenHab2

Hi community,

I’m a beginner of Openhab and I’m really enjoying it so far. The amount of options are amazing.

Because I am just new I have been reading a lot about what products are supported and what protocols work best for my particular use case.

I do have an issue with an existing wireless smart switch made by Deta where I can’t find the binding or the thing in Openhab.

I have configured the switch through the Grid Connect app and it’s connected to my mesh network via wireless but I am asking if it’s possible to add this type of switch to Openhab? I’ve tried adding a network device using both options but the device can’t be controlled. I really only want on/off control if possible but any other controls will be a bonus. I don’t mind using PaperUI or adding manually.

Thanks in advance.

If you mean something to with the “network binding”, that doesn’t control anything. It’s just to tell you if networked devices are present or not.

I think Deta Connect is rebranded LightwaveRF

Hi Kere

I am looking at purchasing these Grid Connect products. Did you get yours working with OpenHab?


Unfortunately I didn’t however I didn’t spend too much time on them. I’m sure there’d be a way to flash Tasmota or some other firmware I just don’t have the time to investigate.

Did you try the LightwaveRF binding?

The ideal scenario (IMO), is to flash them with Tasmota or some other firmware (I read someone here uses ESPurna). Then you can simply control them using MQTT via openhab. You can still link OpenHAB to Google Home/Alexa if desired.

If you don’t want to go this route for some reason, I wonder if it’s compatible with the Tuya app, which some people here have found a way to integrate with openhab, although not via a binding. Examples:

Search the community for “Tuya”.

Good luck and let us know how you go. I am considering getting the Deta smart switches myself.

Hi Guys,
Today I bought the Arlec Grid connect smart plug from Bunnings here in New Zealand. I have successfully managed to Tazmotised the plug thanks to the Instructions from DigiBlurDIY ( after you have Tasmota running configured it as a Generic (18) . GPIO13 - Button 1 (button with led light on top), GPIO14 Relay 2(22) and GPIO3 Relay3(23). Works like a charm. I will try some of the light switches next time I’m in Bunnings.

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Behram, I am having an issue setting up the state topic in openhab, do you have yours working in openhab

try posting it in a separate topic, and include your things and items file, or if on paperui, show us what you’ve got.

Dave2340 I have mine working on OpenHab. I have several devices using Tamota MQTT and this device works the same way.