Is it possible to have Alexa whisper responses?

Subject says it all – use case: I have a rule that, when activated, sets my alarms for the following morning – something like
sendCommand(echo_TextCommand, “wake me up at 7 am to country music”)
sendCommand(echo_TextCommand, “wake me up at 7:15 am to rock music”)
sendCommand(echo_TextCommand, “wake me up at 7:30 am to wake up music”)

This works well. The only problem is, I go to bed later than my wife, and alexa says “Alarm set for 7 am to …” followed shortly with “Alarm set for 7:15 am to …” etc etc, which wakes her up. Ideally, I’d like echo to whisper these things back so that I can still get audible confirmation, and she can sleep without my interruption…

I have tried setting both volume and textToSpeechVolume but neither seemed to change anything (admittedly I might be doing something wrong … but those would not “whisper” I don’t think. I also tried adding amazon:effect=“whispered” and </amazon:effect> tags in the text command but that didn’t work at all either.



According to the documentation for the textToSpeech channel, it supports SSML delimited by the <speak> tag.

<speak>I want to tell you a secret.<amazon:effect name="whispered">I am not a real human.</amazon:effect></speak>

Thanks – that is for textToSpeech – I am using textCommand; it does not seem that the tags are recognized with textcommand.

I missed that part. I don’t believe this is possible as input. You might want to temporary lower your echo device volume while issuing the command via the volume channel.

Thx. I was able to get this working (lower volume).


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Did you by chance figure out a way to have the unit not acknowledge the volume change with a beep? I have 2 rules (one morning, one evening) that sets the volume on all echos to sane values but they give an annoying quick beep each time.

OMG, would love to know how to stop this.

Best, Jay