Is it possible to make Amazon Echo to play local mp3?

a rule for example:

rule "alarm"
Time cron "0 0 12 ? * MON,TUE,WED,THU,FRI,SAT,SUN *"

Amazon Echo will play local mp3


Thanks in advance

Have a look at the thread that belongs to this message and check if it works: OH3 Echo Dot Play External MP3 - #5 by Richie1972

it’s not working for me, alexa Continues to repeat that Sonos skill is not installed and does not play the audio

my rule:

rule "test rule"


 Item testbutton changed


  amazonechocontrol_echo_3dd51391_G090U50784072J01_textToSpeech.sendCommand('<speak><prosody >x</prosody><audio src="C:/openHAB2/conf/sounds/doorbell.mp3" /></speak>')

I have not tried it myself so far. I just remembered that this thread is there. But …
In that thread it is mentioned that some requirements need to be satisfied and in your example I see that this is not the case at least for a subset of them:
a) file neds to be available via webservice
b) a) file neds to be available via port 443

In case you just wanna play a doorbell use one of them from the alexa libraries and use a command like

amazonechocontrol_echo_3dd51391_G090U50784072J01_textToSpeech.sendCommand( '<speak><audio src="soundbank://soundlibrary/home/amzn_sfx_doorbell_chime_01"/>Someone is ringing the doorbell!</speak>' )

To get more information about which sounds are available in the Alexa sound library have a look at

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