Is it possible to use Ubiquit Cams with Unifi Protect?

Im just planning to install some PoE Cams and dont really know which Brand is the best for me.
i have some Access Points from Ubiquiti so i could also try to implement somd Cams (UVC G3 for example)
I really like the Design from the Cam with NO WIRES and just one RJ45 Port - this is a very clean setup.
My problem is, i didnt found anything about UniFi Protect Implementation into Openhab and since Unifi Video will be End of Life 2021 i dont know if this is the way to go for me.
I know there are implementations on other Smart Home Systems with Unifi Protect - but i really love my OpenHab Installation :slight_smile:

Maybe someone can tell me if it is possible to integrate Unifi Cams with Unifi protect or can tell me if there are any other Cams which have a “clean” Design without any cable`s hanging around.

Unifi protect is currently still lacking the API that Unifi Video does have. Hence it will be more difficult to integrate into Openhab or any other Home Automation platform.

You could try to use something like this

Thanks for the Link - but it‘s for hassio :frowning:
I‘d would love to stay with my openhab instance…or is there a way to implement the cam from hassio into OpenHAB ?

I grab a Snapshot from my Unifi Cams on event triggers using a simple URL in the form of http://192.168.xx.xx/snap.jpeg To enable snap.jpeg you need to go into the actual cam setting (from the cam’s IP address not protect) and turn on “Enable Anonymous Snapshot”

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Nice - will Test this
Is there a possibillity to Implement the Motion Sensor into OpenHAB ?

Yup - here is an example from a Z-Wave sensor trigging an email with the picture

rule "Cellar"
	Item zwave_device_cc323ca9_node7_alarm_motion changed to ON
	logInfo("notifications", "Sending Cellar notification via app: " + zwave_device_cc323ca9_node7_alarm_motion)
	sendNotification("", "Cellar" + zwave_device_cc323ca9_node7_alarm_motion + "Humidity" + Cellar_Hum, "cellar","High")
	val mailActions = getActions("mail","mail:smtp:3942f001")
	mailActions.sendMail("", "Cellar", "Details: " + zwave_device_cc323ca9_node7_alarm_motion + "Humidity" + Cellar_Hum, "http://192.168.xx.xx/snap.jpeg")

I also have it in my SiteMap so any time I go to that page I can also see a current snap.jpeg (and it works if you are on the LAN or WAN).

		Text label="Cellar" icon="cellar" {
			Text item=Cellar_Temp label="Room Temperature"
			Text item=Cellar_Hum label="Humidity"
			Image url=""