Is it worth starting with Openhab for controlling Neostats?

Hi, I control my Underfloor heating with four Neostats in timer-mode via a Neohub. The Neostat timers control the on/off-times for 1. the Downstairs manifold 2. the Upstairs manifold 3. the Towelrails, and 4. the Auxilliary-radiators.

I don’t like relying on Heatmaster to control my heating via their app, and so I’d like to talk via the Neohub to the Neostat timers from my local PC. I’m happy to learn how to use Openhab if it will do the job, but I’m worried that the bindings displayed on the openhab wiki seem to be few in number, and don’t seem to offer timer functions.

Before I start learning all of this, will it do what I need?


Not counting Actions, by my count there are 143 bindings listed on the OH 1 wiki. If that is few in number to you I’m afraid you will be disappointed in any HA hub. I believe OH has support for the most and widest array of home automation technologies of any other product, commercial or free.

And one such binding is the Neohub binding:

Bindings only provide a means for OH to communicate with a technology. Behaviors (such as timers) are implemented in Rules.

Yes, OH is very capable of putting your Neostats on Timers.

Hi Rich,

Your reply is much apprciated. I’m sure my initial concerns were due to my inexperience with Openhab’s site. I now have the confidence to know that learning Openhab will produce the desired results. It’ll give me something to do during the Winter months! I can also see that the forums are well supported and will be a major benefit too.