Is OpenHAB for me?

Hello, I’m looking into using Home automation for a specific use. I have a server in my home with Z-Wave connectivity, and I want to develop a program which takes signals from IoT devices and performs data analysis. I do not need a GUI; all I require is an abstraction layer over the devices. I’m aware OpenHAB provides the abstraction, but also comes with a control panel etc. Is there a way to only use the abstraction here?

I believe that the answer is yes. It is not mandatory to use the UIs.
You could use only the flat configuration files to define your items (bound to some bindings).
Then, use persistence to send the items’ statuses to an external database (e.g. mysql) which can be accessed by another data analysis tool.
You could also use the rules (with config files as well) from openHAB to trigger actions and do more advanced stuff from within OH2.

For your peace of mind, you can uninstall all the UIs via the CLI (Karaf console). I don’t know however whether the actual webserver is shut down by doing so.