Is the Aeon Multisensor 6 ZWave Motion Sensor a Contact, Switch or a String?

I am (still) trying to migrate OH1 to OH2.5.5. I have a ZW100 MultiSensor 6 which exposes a channel zwave:device:controller:node16:alarm_motion as a Switch. In OH1 I had this device running as a ‘Contact’ item, which made sense to me. However, setting it as Contact does not work for me in OH2, it never receives state changes, according to the events.log. Neither does it work as a String.

Changing it to Switch makes it work. However, this means I now have a device that in the Paper UI that I can manually toggle, which does not make sense to me—I thought that sensors reported their state, but they were not supposed to be manually changed by the user.

Am I misunderstanding things? Is it possible to set it up as a Contact or some other read-only Item? What is the recommended approach?

On another note, my multisensor no longer exposes a switch_binary like it did in OH1, only the “alarm_motion”. These are the only channels I see:

The command class for the motion sensor is configured to “Send Sensor Binary Report CC”.

What does the documentation for this device show? It should show what channels are available and the required type.

Possibly not - generally I try to use the more modern commands and don’t expose multiple ways to do the same thing. What functionality are you actually missing?

Thank you, @chris, for your help. The documentation shown in Paper UI only explains the inclusion/exclusion steps, other than the listing of the channels that I have screenshot in the post above. According to that, and as I have experienced, Switch works with the Motion Alarm channel:

Motion Alarm

I am not missing any functionality—so far—the issue is the opposite: Switch allows me to change the state of the Motion Alarm sensor, which does not make sense to me. Is there a more suited Item for accessing the state of the motion sensor than a Switch? Thank you.

I meant the documentation - not PaperUI.

What version of the device do you have? There are 2 or 3 different versions of this - if you can’t find the documentation let me know, and tell me the version number and I’ll post a link.

The binding uses whatever type was required with OH2 was first created (ie when the OH2 binding was created). Again, the doc should say what type is required and really you need to use that. OH2 is different to OH1 - the binding doesn’t know anything about items, so it can’t detect what item type you select, so you must use the item type that the binding selects.

Many thanks, @chris. The version of the device is:

commandClass:COMMAND_CLASS_SENSOR_MULTILEVEL	supportedGetSupported=false
dbReference	355
defaultAssociations	1
manufacturerId	0086
manufacturerRef	0002:0064,0102:0064,0202:0064,1A02:0064
modelId	ZW100
vendor	AEON Labs
versionMax	1.7
versionMin	1.7
zwave_beaming	true
zwave_class_basic	BASIC_TYPE_ROUTING_SLAVE
zwave_deviceid	100
zwave_devicetype	2
zwave_frequent	false
zwave_listening	true
zwave_manufacturer	134
zwave_nodeid	17
zwave_plus_devicetype	NODE_TYPE_ZWAVEPLUS_NODE
zwave_routing	true
zwave_secure	false
zwave_version	1.7

I suspect that I have no choice but to use the Switch in this case.

See the docs here -:

Yes, whatever the binding defines must be used in OH2.

Many thanks, @chris. Out of interest: does your binding allow performing firmware upgrades to devices?

No - there are very very few companies making firmware available (except through their own systems) so it’s not currently worth me doing this.


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For that reason you may define your switch itemtype as text element type on your sitemap and your problem is gone:


Switch ZwaveSwitch "Zwave Switch" ...


Text item=ZwaveSwitch

If you don’t like ON/OFF displayed use the map transformation service to display whatever you want (for example open/closed)

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I forgot to comment on this, but I assume that this is a problem with the UI. The binding sets this to a ReadOnly so the UI should not allow it to be changed. This is not an uncommon construct.

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Thank you, @chris and @sihui.