Is the 'ga=' metadata format supported in OH 2.4?

While I intend to deploy a new OH 3.1 setup from scratch at some point in the near future, I was curious if I could convert the items in an existing OH 2.4 implementation (still using the tag format) to the new metadata format?

I’ve recently noticed that when requesting a status of a device (ex. “is the security system on”) Google Assistant responds with “Security system isn’t available. You might want to try setting it up again”. Oddly, I can still turn devices on/off.

Not sure if the tag vs. metadata has anything to do with it, but just curious.

Yes, metadata works in 2.4. More to the point, tags were removed from the server-side Google Assistant Action on myopenhab, and no longer work at all. So, GA won’t work again until you replace tags with metadata.

As you’re thinking, you can just replace tags with metadata in 2.4 and then carry those item files over when you upgrade to 3.

Perfect… thank you so much!

So based on what I’ve found here, it looks like if I have an item currently defined as follows:

Switch kitchen_light "Kitchen Light" <light> (gPersist, gDownstairsLights) ["Lighting"] { channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:hs:kitchen_light" }

I would need to change it to:

Switch kitchen_light "Kitchen Light" (gPersist, gDownstairsLights) { channel="mqtt:topic:mosquitto:hs:kitchen_light", ga="Light" }

Similarly, a group definition like this:

Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF) gDownstairsLights "Downstairs Lights" <switch> ["Lighting"]

would change to:

Group:Switch:AND(ON,OFF) gDownstairsLights "Downstairs Lights" { ga="Light" }

Is this correct? I’ve been away from the forums for some time, trying to catch up :slightly_smiling_face:. Thanks again!

Yes this is how I set mine up.

Good stuff. You should also have a look through the GA documentation, because metadata offers a lot more than tags did.

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