Is there a collection of user created rules anywhere? Should there be?


New user to openhab (about 7 days in now, i did sleep a little bit in between setting up and configuring though). Love it so far, smarththings hub v1 and v2 boxed up and ready to sell (anyone interested?). In my quest I’ve been all over the web and through the forums and one thing I haven’t found yet is a collection of user created rules. Have I just not found it yet or does it not really exist? If there is one could someone point me in the right direction?

If one does not exist what kind of interest would the community have in something I may be able to put together? I am a web developer by trade (when not trying to figure out why my zwave dimmer won’t turn off). Could be some kind of respository that contained the rule, a description of the rule, opehab version, devices involved, etc?

Any thoughts?

Kind regards,


There are a ton of examples on the wiki (see the bottom of the right hand column and on this forum (e.g. this one).

As OH 2 becomes more mature and the new rules engine that Kai is working on becomes a reality we will then be able to create shareable generic rules. At that time I expect that a library of reusable rules will be created and a library of rules will be created which users can simply reuse as is instead of needing to use them as an example.